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Transform your business through Virtualization and Cloud


Server Consolidation

Reducing hardware costs is a key motivator to virtualize. With a complete virtualization platform built-in, Windows Server 2012 can help your business maximize server utilization — saving them money and freeing up budget for more services. It also helps minimize the pain associated with upgrade, because virtualization makes it easy to move workloads to new servers with no downtime.


Disaster Recovery

40% of businesses hit by disaster never reopen. Yet historically the cost of disaster recovery solutions has put them out of reach for SMBs. Now you can make disaster recovery attainable for your business and generate a new ongoing revenue stream. We deliver disaster recovery as a hosted solution or as a cloud-based service using technology included in Windows Server 2012.


Scalable Storage

With the explosion of data in the workplace, many SMBs need the scalability of a Storage Area Network (SAN) but can’t afford the price. With Storage Spaces, included in Windows Server 2012, we can deliver the rich functionality of a SAN at a fraction of the up - front cost. Then you can continue to earn revenue helping your customers scale their storage over time as their businesses grow.

Grow your business with Mobility and Remote Access


Consistent experience across devices

SMBs are using mobile devices at work; 25% use tablet PCs, and 86% use smartphones. We can provide you a consistent mobile platform and help keep data more secure on a diverse, innovative assortment of Windows 8 PCs and mobile devices.


Easy remote access to on-site apps

44% of SMBs have telecommuters today. Leveraging technology in Windows Server 2012 we can offer a range of solutions, from basic RDS to full-fledged VDI. Enable remote access to on-premises applications while company data remains on the server.


Mobile productivity in the cloud

The cloud services market is taking off, with SMB spending projected to grow 24% per year. Now, with Office 365, you have a great opportunity to have mobile productivity tools through a cloud-based service.